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Meet Kendra

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hi there! My name is Kendra Mueller, mother of 4 littles under 5, and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

When I became pregnant the first time, with twins, the comments I got were hit and miss. Amongst the joy and celebration were also comments like "sleep now, because you will never sleep again" and congratulations and condolences".

Well, these comments succeeded at doing one thing: making me so scared to become a Mom. Something I had dreamed about for so long! From then on, I spent a huge amount of my pregnancy reading books, mainly about sleep.

When my third baby was born, I knew I needed help. Help knowing what the options were. Help knowing that I was doing the right thing. Help making sure that those less than ideal situations that happened with my twins did not happen again.  This is when I hired my sleep consultant and my life changed.

And now with my 4th little one, I feel the anxiety sleep can cause just melt away... because I know the how, when, and why about child sleep.  And I want to share that with you.

So, why work with a sleep consultant? Because, there's so much information out there! It can be truly daunting, and it can make you just want to give up. So, here are the 4 T's for why working with a sleep consultant like myself is the right choice for you and your family -


The thing that working with a sleep consultant
brings you is TIME. Time that you would have used looking up all the methods, the research, the science,
the opinions, the ages, the schedules. I have done all of that- and then some! Let me save you some precious time
and dothe grunt work for you.


Working with a sleep consultant will give you the TOOLS
you need to help your entire family sleep better.
These tools will stick with you as your child grows,
and when things get off track, these tools will
helpbring you back to a place of rest.


Trust with my clients is something that I covet and
work for the most. As your sleep consultant, you can TRUST that I have done my work, listened to you, and am working with your family's best interest at heart. You can trust that our work together is free of judgement and supported
by a fellow parent who knows what it is to
have children who aren't sleeping well.


One of the biggest and best benefits of working with a sleep consultant is that your time together as a family will be that much more special. Whether it's time together with your child who is well-rested and even-tempered, or extra time together with your significant other once you can share a bed again
or even enjoy some time together in the evenings.
This is the goal for the end of our work:
the family gets to spend more quality time TOGETHER.
Couples get to spend more quality time together.
Everyone benefits from better sleep.

You do not need to feel like this is just ‘how life is’ from now on. You also don’t have to feel like there is only one way to work on sleep with your child.


As your sleep consultant, I promise to set you up for success, lift you up when you need it most, and meet you where you are. As parents, we are all so different, and that is truly beautiful.  Kaleidoscope Sleep is a place where you will be heard, seen, and guided to a new normal where your family will get the rest they need.



A kaleidoscope is beautiful and
ever-changing, just like life
as a parent. Sleep is one piece of
that kaleidoscope. I want to help
keep that piece moving smoothly
and seamlessly within your
unique family kaleidoscope.



Packages for parents preparing for a newborn, families who want to revive
sleep skills or just need an hour Q&A
about your child's sleep.

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