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See what people are saying about Kaleidoscope Sleep and Kendra.


Abby S.

Kendra gently and directly gave me the knowledge and confidence necessary to help my infant become a good sleeper. I was completely exhausted and exasperated after trying to follow every published rule and trick to get my infant to sleep well, and I reached out to Kendra.... and voila! Each time I implemented one of her suggestions, I saw improvement almost immediately. Really! She asked detailed questions, gave me straight-forward guidance, and reminded me that my baby was probably ready for "training" before I was.

Kendra's guidance rescued us from our son's 30-minute nap habit and the fact that it was taking up to two hours to get him to go down at bedtime... and when I told Kendra that, at 8 months old my son was still waking up at 3am because he *needed* to nurse, she told me that she thought he could sleep through and depending on how I felt about it, I could make a change. To know that she was confident from a knowledge and experience-based position that he would be okay, but to be put in the driver's seat as the parent gave me the push I needed and guess what? My son was ready! He didn't even cry when he got a 3am visit from Dad instead of Mom the first night, and the next night he slept right through. Without Kendra's gentle push, who knows when I would have taken that step?!

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from someone who not only has so much knowledge about sleep, but who is able to share that knowledge in a supportive and encouraging way. 



Krista S.

We had a wonderful experience with Kendra! She was very knowledgeable and caring, which helped make the entire process so much easier. After an initial meeting, Kendra put together a detailed sleep plan for our 6-month old daughter. The plan was very easy to follow and customized to our family.


Kendra checked in with us frequently to track our progress and provide direction. She initially helped us get set up on our new schedule and then made sure we knew how to follow our daughter’s sleep cues to be able to keep the sleep plan going once our time with Kendra was over.


Before working with Kendra, our daughter took a couple short naps in our arms during the day and woke frequently during the night. She now takes three regular naps in her crib and sleeps through the night!



Lindsay J.

Kendra was a life saver as our little guy hit the four month sleep regression.  She took the time to ask a lot of questions in order to get to know our little guy as we started our plan.  Kendra pointed out what we were doing was helping and guided us in the areas where we could make improvements. 


She was incredibly patient and gentle with me as I stubbornly hesitated with some steps.  With her encouragement, we made huge strides in his nighttime sleep and naps.  He went from waking up every hour to having 10 hour stretches of sleep at night.  His naps went from 20 minutes to consistently over an hour. 


Kendra responded quickly to every question I had and cheered us on with every single moment of progress.  Kendra provided the gentle nudge I needed while empathizing with the roller-coaster that sleep can be.  She shared her own journey as a mom which made her completely relatable and opened the door for me to be vulnerable as well. I highly recommend Kendra!


Jen H.

As a first time parent and as a 'veteran' parent, the nuances of infant sleep can throw you for a loop. While I was in the throes, Kendra provided an informed, compassionate, and empowering voice of reason that helped me understand my child's sleep pattern and anticipate what was to come.


Better yet, Kendra worked with me to develop a plan that complimented our parenting style and helped us reach our goal -- the elusive 'better' sleep! Kendra's professionalism shines through her collaborative style and her passion for the topic provides energy when you need it most.


Sarah and Jeremy F.

Sleep is one of those things you take for granted until you become a parent. Our oldest didn’t sleep through the night until he was a year and half so before the arrival of our twins we read all the books and sleep trained them at 6 months – success! Or so we thought until things started to change when our son reached two and a half. It started slowly with night wake ups and dropped naps but somehow quickly turned into my husband and son co-sleeping in the spare bedroom every night. How did we get here and how do we get back? Toddlers are very different than babies and I felt lost trying to figure out how to apply all the insights from our sleep books to our situation with toddlers sharing a room.

Thankfully I found Kendra at Kaleidoscope Sleep! Kendra took time to listen to our concerns, understand our son’s current sleep schedule and identify goals. During the consultation she shared important sleep information with us and discussed different methods we could leverage for our plan.  She took time to really understand our situation and created a realistic plan we felt good about, before we began to implement the plan Kendra made sure all our questions were answered.  Throughout the process there were check-ins to keep us on track and adjust things as needed. Using the plan she created and with her support we were able to shift bedtime from a 1-2 hr process to a 20min one. Kids and adults are all sleeping and we have an entire family that is well rested. The results are incredible and truly life changing, our kids are sleeping more now than ever. We did not realize how overtired our kids must have been until we have well rested ones to compare it to.

We could never have done this without Kendra’s assistance (trust us we tried). If you are struggling with your children’s sleep do not hesitate to hire her, it will be well worth it!


Allison K.

The approach Kendra took to getting to know our family and our issues was personable and supportive - in a zero judgement way. She was knowledgeable and a true professional. For us, in a small amount of time, she truly made such a difference in our little guy's sleep (really our whole family's!).


She gave us the guidance, tools and most importantly, the confidence to help him get good sleep. I don't know why we didn't reach out sooner...worth the investment and time. I totally endorse Kendra Mueller!


Courtney F.

Kendra was such a blessing for our family! My 2 year old was refusing naps, his bedtime was getting later and later, and I’d have to rock him for over an hour to get him to sleep. Kendra listened to my concerns and came up with a plan for us to get his sleep back in order. In just a couple of days we had bedtime moved up and our routine lasted for 15 minutes rather than an hour or more.


She held my hand throughout the process and gave me the confidence to follow through with the plan. Everyone in our house is better rested and happier for it! I would highly recommend Kendra for help with getting better sleep!


Ruthanne H.

I have had the privilege of sleep consultation with Kaleidoscope Sleep and I feel so LUCKY! Kendra is so knowledgeable and kind in her delivery. She has helped me through many sleep regressions and is the best listening ear when it comes to sleep trouble.


If you are looking to get your nights back and want gentle guidance on how to sleep train for your specific situation, Kaleidoscope sleep is the way to go!!




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