Now let's get some sleep...

  • Newborn Consult

    Perfect for expectant parents and babies 3 months & younger
    Valid for one year
    • 1 hour video consult to discuss all things newborn and sleep
    • Review of baby's sleep space for safety
    • 4 Support emails during first 4 months of life
    • Perfect gift for a baby shower or for any expectant parent
  • DIY Package

    Perfect for babies 4 months-5 years, limited support
    Valid for one year
    • 1 Hour Consult with Kendra
    • Personalized Sleep Plan
    • Access to Personalized Sleep Log
    • 3 support emails within 2 weeks of implementing the plan
    • 1x 30 minute follow-up phone call
  • Big Picture Package

    Premium Package for babies and toddlers, 4 months-5 years
    Valid for one year
    • Video/phone consult (up to 90 minutes)
    • Personalized Sleep Plan
    • 2 weeks of unlimited full support via Rested App
    • 30 minute wrap up call to insure continued success
    • More sleep for ALL
    • *Multiples (twins/triplets) incur no extra cost
  • Kaleidoscope Bundle

    Perfect for expectant parents who want it ALL
    Valid for one year
    • 1 hour consult during pregnancy to discuss newborn basics
    • Review of sleep space for safe sleep
    • 4x 30 minute calls, during child's first 4 months of life
    • Full Big Picture Package when child is 4+ months of age
    • This is the ultimate sleep package- support at every step!
  • Revive Package

    For previous clients looking to revive your sleep skills
    Valid for one year
    • 1 hour video consult
    • Adjustments made to previous sleep plan
    • 3 days of email/phone support after receiving update plan
  • Ask Kendra Hour

    You have questions? I have answers!
    Valid for one year
    • 1 hour phone/video consult to answer all questions
    • Email follow up and sleep plan not included

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