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Why Work with a Sleep Consultant? The 4 T's

When I first started focusing on sleep with my twins, I found one thing: THERE IS SO MUCH INFORMATION OUT THERE. It can be truly daunting, and it can make you just want to give up. Who has time to sit and read the thousands of articles and books there are about children and sleep when you're dealing with sleep deprivation for everyone? I'm impressed you're reading this blog post right now!

So here they are, the 4 T's for why working with a sleep consultant is the right choice for you and your family...

TIME: The thing that working with a sleep consultant brings you is TIME. Time that you would have used looking up all the methods, the research, the science, the opinions, the ages, the schedules... I have done all of that- and then some... let me save you some precious time and do the grunt work for you.

TOOLS: Working with a sleep consultant will give you the TOOLS you need to help your entire family sleep better. These tools will stick with you as your child grows, and when things get off track, these tools will help bring you back to a place of rest.

TRUST: Trust with my clients is something that I covet and work for the most. As your sleep consultant, you can TRUST that I have done my work, listened to you, and am working with your family's best interest at heart. You can trust that our work together is free of judgement and supported by a fellow parent who knows what it is to have children who aren't sleeping well.

TOGETHER: One of the biggest and best benefits of working with a sleep consultant is that your time together as a family will be that much more special. Whether it's time together with your child who is well-rested and even-tempered, or extra time together with your significant other once you can share a bed again or even enjoy some time together in the evenings. This is the goal for the end of our work: the family gets to spend more quality time TOGETHER. Couples get to spend more quality time TOGETHER. Everyone benefits from better sleep.

Let's get to work and you'll see the 4 T's come out in your life too.

Kendra x

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